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Joanna Purosto

The nerdiest fitness-gurl (not a typo) you’ll ever meet.

I am a marketing generalist juggling between strategic and tactical levels of business development, organization development, and go-to-market operations in a startup environment.

On this webpage, you’ll find my writings about AI, Neuroscience, building self-awareness, and startup marketing.


Building Trust in AI Applications

Picture: Aarón Blanco Tejedor AI ethics discussion seems to revolve around bias a lot. All of us have seen those fear mongering headlines about how artificial intelligence is going to steal our jobs and how we should be very careful with biased AI algorithms. Bias […]

Finlands AI report in short

Ministery of Economic Affairs and Employment has set up a steering group to think and act on the future of AI in Finland. Their first report is published on October 2017 and the report includes eight steps that Finland should take towards the age of […]

Machine learning infrastructure explained to people with business background

After spending two days at the AI Summit fair in London and having several conversations with people from different business backgrounds, I wanted to clarify why machine learning infrastructure is one of the biggest things to concentrate on when building production level machine learning models. If you […]

How to define a key marketing message for a Startup

As a startup company, we at Valohai didn’t have a clear idea about what kind of marketing message would resonate in our audience. For sure, we had an idea about our customers and what problems they might have but we hadn’t really studied the effectiveness […]

Help, I’m self referring and that ruins my marketing campaigns

I had created several nice AdWords campaigns for Valohai. I had created dashboards to Data Studio to see how the campaigns work. But conversion section in my campaign tables showed 0. 0 0 Fuck. I went to Analytics Model Comparison Tool (Conversions > Attribution > […]

Beginner terminal commands

Ever since I have started using Github more, I have started using few terminal commands regularly. If you are a beginner, these terminal commands might be useful to you too. Browsing through files When you want to work with a certain directory, you need to […]

How to track campaigns in Analytics

Ok, ok, first you need to know what are UTM parameters. UTM parameters are just tags that you can add to your campaign link to track those campaigns in Google Analytics. Most probably you have seen links like this: Let’s assume that I […]

Get information from form with custom JavaScript variables

1. Go to Tag Manager > Variables > Create new 2. Add this JavaScript function() { var field = {{Form Element}}.querySelector(‘[name=”X”]’); return field ? field.value : undefined; } 3. Use this custom variable when you are setting GA parameter for a tag.   Remember, that […]

DOM Ready trigger type in GTM | WTF is this?

When I started using GTM, I was wondering when to use DOM Ready as a trigger type. I’m currently studying a web course called Developing Modern Web Platforms offered by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. During the course, we learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript […]

Track contact requests with Google Tag Manager

Problem We have several marketing campaigns and naturally we wanted to track how different campaigns work. There are mainly two goals in our marketing activities: To get contact requests. To get new users to our SaaS tool. We have a free trial so basically newcomers […]