Finlands AI report in short

Ministery of Economic Affairs and Employment has set up a steering group to think and act on the future of AI in Finland. Their first report is published on October 2017 and the report includes eight steps that Finland should take towards the age of AI. Here is a short summary of the eight steps.

In the Age of AI webpage, the report’s summary is following: Turning Finland into a leading country in the application of artificial intelligence. Objective and recommendations for measures.

1) Use AI to enhance Finnish companies’ capabilities to compete in the Global markets.

In practice: Innovation ecosystems led by the companies. Government’s task is not to take the lead on these but to encourage and support.

2) Exploit data across all sectors.

In practice: Legal guidelines for the availability of the data based on the business needs. Guidelines should be deployed to EU.

3) We make easier for companies to start using AI faster.

In practice: AI accelerator launched in August 2018

4) Make sure that we have and lure in top talents.

In practice: Top Virtual University concentrated on AI and digital transformation. Every Finn should be able to “read AI”> Elements of AI course launched in April 2018. In should be easy to move in to Finland from abroad to lure in top talents.

5) We make brave choices and investments.

In practise: Tekes R&D funding

6) We create world’s best public services.

In practice: assistant where Finns can access all their information and get help in all public service related issues.

7) We create new ways to work together.

In practice: An AI and digitalization expert, and a team for her, should be hired under the Prime Minister.

8) Finland should lead the way to the age of AI.

In practice: Be active in international discussion and bring Finland out as a professional in digital infrastructure and ecosystem structure.