How to track marketing campaigns

How to track campaigns in Analytics

Ok, ok, first you need to know what are UTM parameters.

UTM parameters are just tags that you can add to your campaign link to track those campaigns in Google Analytics.

Most probably you have seen links like this:

Let’s assume that I have a campaign named “Give me money” and I have advertised it in AdWords and in Facebook with Canvas ad. Now take a look at the links above. You may notice a clear pattern.

Oh, you are smart. I knew it! These different links help to see the results in different campaigns and channels.

Where does the UTM parameters affect?

Next, you may wonder how these complicated links are going to help you in analysing campaigns.

Campaign parameters will become visible in your Analytics account in Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.

In the image below you can see two campaigns. In the campaign on the first row there is a UTM campaign parameter: utm_campaign=%5BWorldwide%5D%20Video%20interview%20%5BDisplay%5D&.

Special marks like [ and ] will have a special set of characters in the URL so if you want to keep your link clean, I’d advice to avoid these special marks.

Above the campaign results, it is possible to choose Primary Dimension (visible in the image). Here you can choose to inspect campaigns based on their Source, Medium or Content if you have added these parameters to the campaign link.

This is how you can track campaigns

How to create the links?

Here is a campaign URL buil