Help, I’m self referring and that ruins my marketing campaigns

I had created several nice AdWords campaigns for Valohai.

I had created dashboards to Data Studio to see how the campaigns work. But conversion section in my campaign tables showed 0.




I went to Analytics Model Comparison Tool (Conversions > Attribution > Model comparison tool) where it is possible to compare how your campaigns work with different attribution models. I noticed, that if I used last interaction model, which is the default model, the conversions came from the referral source. But if I used first interaction model, presenting the conversions according the first touch point of the visitors, I was able to see that the conversion actually came from paid traffic even though my campaign reports didn’t show any conversion.

Investigating further I could see that the referral traffic actually came from our own page.

We have domains and Goal is located in and traffic comes from

I was self referring.

Cross domain tracking or subdomain tracking?

First I was incorrectly looking instructions for cross domain tracking but what I should actually be searching for was subdomain tracking.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll give you this link:

There you will find instructions on how to fix subdomain tracking problem with Google Tag Manager.

Peace and ❤️